Photo Credit: Smartbay Ireland

BLUEGIFT has assembled an expert partnership around seven open ocean testing centres which have already been established through national governments across the Atlantic Arc.

Lead Partner

EMEC is the world’s leading centre for testing wave and tidal energy converters at sea.

To date it has hosted 20 companies and 31 prototypes, with more technologies trialed than anywhere else in the world. EMEC also runs an international group for all the wave and tidal test sites globally.


SEENEOH is a test site for tidal devices up to 100kW. 3 locations are available with moorings and export cable.

One includes a floating platform. SEENEOH gathers environmental, mechanical and electric skills and facilitates access to maritime operations for commissioning and maintenance.

BiMEP is a real sea infrastructure for the research, demonstration and exploitation of MRE devices.

BiMEP has two locations: BiMEP site, an open sea test centre connected to the grid off the coast of Armintza and the Mutriku site, a testing area at the Mutriku Wave Power Plant.

PLOCAN is a unique Science and Technology infrastructure that supports research in the marine and maritime sectors.

It promotes long-term observation and sustainability of the ocean, providing a cost-effective combination of services (ocean observatory, marine test site, underwater vehicles and innovation hub).

WavEC is one of the leading research and innovation centres in this area in Europe, particularly in wave energy and floating wind energy.

WavEC has a long track record of development of tools for direct support to the marine energy industry, including both technical and non-technical tools.

BlueWise Marine supports the Marine Institute in the management of Ireland’s marine test and demonstration facility in Galway Bay which supports the collection of marine data for the trial, demonstration and validation of novel.

Centrale Nantes is one of the top French graduate Schools of engineering. Its research centers support your MRE technology by covering ocean, civil and electrical engineering and advanced manufacturing. It benefits from experimental facilities: Supercomputing, Ocean-tank, wind tunnel and offshore test site SEM-REV. More specifically, Centrale Nantes operates the test site since 2009, and owns the permits for wave and wind energy converters.

Associated Partners