DesignPro extends testing at SEENEOH

Irish company, DesignPro Renewables has achieved new performance milestones with their unique hydrokinetic turbine as part of ongoing testing at the SEENEOH test site in Bordeaux, France. The turbine generates clean, renewable energy from flowing water and has been deployed at a dedicated test site on the River Garonne since September 2018.

The design, build and initial deployment was supported through funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme which enabled the device to be tested for a full 12 months under project number 766499. In September 2019, the 25Kw unit was due to be removed and decommissioned as the H2020 support had ended but thanks to new funding and support through the BlueGift programme the device is being tested for a further 12 months.

This additional testing period has allowed DesignPro to implement upgrades and improvements to the unit including an innovative Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system developed in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric Ireland that delivered significantly improved performance results just 2 weeks ago on site and marked a celebratory milestone for the team.

Building on the work achieved under the H2020 programme, the BlueGift support is specifically aimed at testing the longer-term performance of the device, looking at elements such as wear and tear, replacement parts and operations and maintenance requirements as well as overall survivability of the unit.

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News from DesignPro Renewables
26 March 2020